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Intel Xe HPG Discrete Gaming Graphics Card Could Debut Next Week

Intel has long been trying to convince both clients and manufacturers that its pix tech is all you need however that spiel has all the time fallen flat when it came to gaming and pictures-huge purposes. It wasn’t unless its most fresh Intel Xe photographs architecture that that declare basically begun to finally exhibit some promise. That mentioned Intel’s new images tech continues to be lacking one important market however that could alternate next week when the chipmaker, at last, reveals its Intel Xe HPG discrete pix card made in particular for 그래픽카드 추천.

Intel Xe, definitely the business’s twelfth gen pics structure, brought a brand new manufacturer of GPUs that, admittedly, showed extra muscle than any of its outdated Intel Iris chips. Whereas the expertise additionally covered built-in GPUs just like the Intel Iris Xe MAX for laptops, tons of attention and fanfare have been poured over the enterprise’s first discrete photographs cards. That pointed out, these graphics playing cards, per the DG1 GPU, were made attainable best to system builders to sell as part of pre-built PCs. What many consumers, notably game enthusiasts, are looking ahead to is the company’s first commercial GPU.

That could come as the Intel Xe HPG, short for high-efficiency pix, that became teased back in 2020. This GPU, focused on fans, is meant to combine a couple of features from the built-in Xe-LP, the server Xe-HPC, and the big-scale compute Xe-HPC. Unlike the already accessible versions of Intel Xe-LP, this one is made specially to handle the needs of gaming.

Intel hasn’t dedicated to a date when it would announce this Xe HPG but a scavenger hunt found utilizing Wccftech suggestions that an important experience is scheduled for March 26 at 9 AM PT. No matter if that’s a precise announcement or an announcement of an announcement still isn’t certain. Right on a timetable, although, Intel also began promoting the GPU with a video teaser.

details about the Inte Xe HPG “DG2” continue to be slim apart from the DDR6 memory that Intel itself proven closing yr. Fresh leaks did hint that the cardboard will have 512 execution devices, 4,096 cores, and 12GB of that DDR6 video reminiscence. That, besides the fact that children, can also follow to just one graphics card as Intel is additionally anticipated to launch an entire line of them masking different tiers.


AMD: We Won’t Restrict Cryptocurrency Mining On Our Pix Cards

(AMD Radeon RX 6700XT)

in contrast to Nvidia, AMD will not hinder the cryptocurrency-mining capabilities on its computing device portraits playing cards. “We don’t have any plans to introduce a mining limiter on Radeon pics playing cards at the present,” AMD tells us.

The statement confirms what AMD Product manager Nish Neelalojanan instructed computer Gamer throughout a briefing for the upcoming Radeon RX 6700XT, which works on sale on March 18. “We are not blocking off any workload, no longer simply mining for that be counted,” Neelalojanan reportedly noted.

Rival Nvidia delivered an Ethereum mining limiter on the lately launched RTX 3060 card within the hopes it’ll dissuade the professional cryptocurrency community from buying up the product. (sarcastically, Nvidia by chance created a means to eliminate the limiter on the cardboard, thanks to the company’s personal software driver.)

no matter if Nvidia will expand the Ethereum mining limiter to future RTX photos playing cards has been an issue of tons hypothesis. On the one hand, it might assist alleviate demand for the products; having said that, it denies notebook builders the liberty to casually mine on their personal rigs and earn some further cash.

although, AMD is indicating there’s no should add any restrictions on its own notebook image cards, citing how the computing structure changed into on no account optimized for cryptocurrency mining.

“All our optimization, as all the time, goes to be gaming first, and we’ve optimized every little thing for gaming. Evidently, gamers are going to reap a ton of benefit from this, and it’s now not going to be the highest quality for mining workload,” Neelalojanan stated in the briefing with notebook Gamer.

then again, AMD’s recently launched Radeon RX 6800XT and 6900XT cards nonetheless rank among the many accurate-performing mining playing cards in the back of Nvidia’s RTX 3080 and 3090, in keeping with Kryptex, a mining issuer.

Of course, the leading problem dealing with AMD and Nvidia has been low product inventory. The RTX 3060 itself remains out of stock at the entire essential sellers amid a worldwide chip scarcity. So we’re doubtful that adding a mining limiter will make plenty of difference in liberating up resources. Many scalpers on eBay at the moment are selling the RTX 3060 for $seven hundred to $1,000, or double the average price.